Eileen 2023

In Eileen, Thomasin McKenzie portrays the lead role. She is a young woman employed at a juvenile detention facility and lives with her violent, alcoholic father, an ex-cop. It’s a pretty boring life. Staring at a stern male guard while touching herself is one of the few thrills she experiences. She obviously longs for excitement—whether it be sexual or otherwise. She finds excitement in the shape of Rebecca the new prison psychiatrist. Rebecca is a smart, fashionable, and attractive woman who embodies all the qualities Eileen believes she lacks. Rebecca seems to sense that she is drawn to this mousy secretary, and the two begin an odd friendship that develops into something Eileen almost obsesses over. Soap2day movies is a website where visitors may watch different kinds of content for free.

Eileen 2023

Genre: 2024DramaMysteryThriller


Quality: HD


Date: January 3, 2024

IMDb: 6.5

Duration: 1h 37m