Migration 2023

In Migration, an animated film from Illumination, a family of ducks decides to travel south for the winter, setting off on an incredible journey. Along with his wife Pam, Mack Mallard, an overly protective father, has discovered the ideal environment to raise his two little ducklings, Dax and Gwen. Moosehead Lake is a beautiful, secure spot with all the amenities they could want, such as a pond, an abundance of food, and even a makeshift shelter. Pam and Mack have a lighthearted chemistry thanks to Banks and Nanjiani. Possibly the greatest animation of all the movies produced by Illumination, it is simply amazing. Browse stream all recent releases and timeless classics via Soap2day movie website.

Migration 2023

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureAnimationLatest Movies


Quality: HD


Date: December 29, 2023

IMDb: 6.9

Duration: 83 Min