Space Cadet 2024

Space Cadet is a whimsical comedy with a plot that’s as far-fetched as it gets a Florida bartender. Who never set foot in a college classroom miraculously navigates through NASA rigorous space program. This feat is achieved thanks to her friend’s not-so-subtle embellishments on her resume including fake doctorates and even some international accolades. The premise asks viewers to suspend disbelief and accept that NASA skips background checks until after training has commenced. If you can embrace the ludicrous Space Cadet offers a sprinkle of entertainment. Directed and written by Liz W. Garcia the film features Emma Roberts as the spirited Rex Simpson. Soap2 day is one of the simplest websites to use and one of the easy ways to watch TV shows and films.

Space Cadet 2024

Genre: 2024Comedy


Quality: HD


Date: July 9, 2024

IMDb: 4.9

Duration: 1h 50m