The Beekeeper 2024

The beginning of The Beekeeper occurs when retired specialist Adam Clay discovers the land he rents has a deceased owner. After discovering that she has been defrauded of her life savings he resolves to exact revenge using his unique set of abilities. FBI agent Verona Parker investigates the case where her mother committed suicide in another location. Adam learns Derek Danforth is the culprit when he utilises his connections to track down the perpetrators. Derek however has high-ranking allies who can assist him, and Wallace Westwyld will stand guard over him. Adam though won’t give up until he has everyone on board. Soap2 day provide an extensive library of films and TV series.

The Beekeeper 2024

Genre: 2024ActionLatest MoviesThriller


Quality: HD


Date: January 13, 2024

IMDb: 6.7

Duration: 1h 45m