The Boys in the Boat 2024

Joe Rantz has two weeks to finish paying the remaining balance on his University of Washington tuition, after which he will have to give up on his ambition to become an engineer. He needs a part-time job badly, but since it’s the middle of the Great Depression, it’s difficult to find one. Rantz thus shows up for tryouts after learning that a spot on the college rowing team comes with a job and a free bed. Rantz has never rowed a boat before but he’s tough determined and desperate enough to persevere through the demanding recruiting and training process. All Ulbrickson the coach is also committed to assembling a winning team because failure to produce wins could result in the loss of his funding. has some of the latest movies which ensure that you can find your favorite one quite easily.

The Boys in the Boat 2024

Genre: 2024BiographyDramaLatest MoviesSport


Quality: HD


Date: January 19, 2024

IMDb: 7.1

Duration: 2h 3m