The End We Start From 2024

The primary theme of The End We Start From is the maternal bond between a mother and her child. At the start of the film, Jodie Comer portrays an unnamed woman who is quite pregnant. She is alone and introspective as she sits in the bathtub. When unexpectedly heavy rain falls outside, the water levels rise to an unsustainable level. London drowns as a result, and chaos breaks out over the city. In the midst of this hectic period, Comer’s character gives birth in a hospital that is struggling to handle the surge of patients. When she realises how serious the situation is, she makes the decision to travel to the country, where she believes there might be some safety. To know what she did next, watch full movie on Soap2day Movies.

The End We Start From 2024

Genre: 2024DramaLatest MoviesThriller


Quality: HD


Date: February 13, 2024

Duration: 1h 42m