The Painter 2024

Weber plays Peter Barrett in the movie, a former CIA operative who gave up his job to follow his artistic dreams and is now a recluse. Living in the Pacific Northwest, Rryla McIntosh’s portrayal of Peter’s wife Elena caused his life to take a terrible turn when she left him following a traumatic event. In seventeen years, an adolescent named Sophia, played by Madison Bailey, unexpectedly upends Peter’s world by claiming to be their long-lost daughter. This realisation puzzles him because it doesn’t seem possible. But before he can process it all, a group of heavily armed operatives who are out to get him unexpectedly break into his quiet rural home. is streaming The Painter 2024 in HD without asking for any subscription.

The Painter 2024

Genre: 2024Thriller


Quality: HD


Date: February 1, 2024

Duration: 1h 40m