Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023

Arthur Curry leads a double life in the beginning of the movie, juggling his duties as King of Atlantis with his travels on land. When David Kane, Arthur’s archenemy, reappears with a sinister plan to destroy his one real rival and exact revenge, the story takes a deadly turn. In an attempt to defeat Manta’s army, Arthur is then compelled to join forces with his estranged brother Orm. Clever exploration of a rivalry between siblings analogous to that between Thor and Loki falls flat. James Wan embraced the strangeness of the subject matter in the most ridiculous way in the first Aquaman film. Viewers can easily search Soap2day movies and series without any subscription plans.

Aquaman and the Lost Kingdom 2023

Genre: 2023ActionAdventureFantasyLatest Movies


Quality: HD


Date: January 22, 2024

IMDb: 6.0

Duration: 124 min