Poor Things 2023

“Poor Things” starts with death, the first devastation that makes room for a quest for essence and self-discovery. More precisely, the woman whose tale we will follow commits suicide is the first image that Lanthimos inserts into his most recent work. Dr. Godwin Baxter, a science professor, has been able to save the remains of the body floating in the ocean by attempting to bring it back to life. He has taken the unborn child’s brain out of her body and placed it inside the mother’s head. As a result, the reconstruction of a dead, unidentified woman gave rise to Bella Baxter. Catch trending 2024 titles through Soap2day com website without any hassles.

Poor Things 2023

Genre: 2023ComedyDramaLatest MoviesRomance


Quality: HD


Date: December 27, 2023

IMDb: 8.5

Duration: 141 Min