House of the Dragon S02E03

In Episode 3 of Season 2 of House of the Dragon, the dragons are growing restless as the kingdom edges closer to war. The Thrones-verse rarely has “filler” episodes, but this one feels like a ramp-up. While there are no earth-shattering events, key character moments define future actions. Rhaenyra is desperate to avoid war, and Alicent shares her reluctance. However, the episode reveals that the men around them are eager for conflict. They see war as a path to power and glory, blinded by the status they believe they can achieve. Unfortunately, in this world, desires often clash with harsh realities, as vividly depicted in this episode. Soap2 Allow all the latest movie and TV series buying any subscription and watch the HD Quality for online.

Genre: 2024ActionAdventureDrama


Quality: HD


Duration: 1h 6m

TMDb: 7.9