The Regime Season 1

The “Foundling” twist in Regime episode 2 brings the story to a close but is the Three Brothers’ account based on historical fact. Kate Winslet and Matthias Schoenaerts play disgraced soldier Herbert Zubak and chancellor Elena Vernham, respectively in the film The Regime. The Chancellor has decided that Herbert deserves forgiveness even though he was involved in a shooting that claimed the lives of twelve protestors. Furthermore by the conclusion of the first episode of The Regime Herbert has grown to be Elena’s closest confidant. The fact that Elena is following Herbert’s advice on everything from natural remedies to foreign affairs in the second episode demonstrates just how much their friendship has strengthened. Their obviously toxic relationship provides a lot of dark humour for the series. Watch the complete season 1 of The Regime in high definition quality on Soap2 day.

Genre: 2024Drama


Quality: HD

Duration: 51m