Eric Season 1

In Eric which takes place in New York City in the 1980s, Vincent works as a puppeteer for the children’s television programme “Good Day Sunshine” and things appear to be going well for him. He has an adorable child a gorgeous wife and the best children’s programme. When the camera cuts away he is revealed to be an emotionally abusive alcoholic who is essentially destroying everything in his path. Not only is Vincent at odds with the executives over the push to adapt Good Day Sunshine but he’s also at odds with other creatives including his colleague Lennie. Edgar his son is a gifted artist and is his greatest admirer. Edgar has even started sketching “Eric” a new puppet he wants his father to make. Soap2 day hd offer diverse selection of films to suit your preferences and mood.

Genre: 2024CrimeDramaThriller


Quality: HD


Duration: 53 m