Tarot 2024

Tarot is a horror movie. It’s about a group of college friends. They become cursed after reading a tarot card. The friends get scary predictions. They must hurry to stop the curse. .The movie has a “last place” feel. The characters know what will happen to them. This makes the supernatural slasher concept more twisted. It feels like a throwaway movie. It makes the characters easier to understand. The creatures are huge. A wild mix of them comes to life. It’s as if they were ripped from a single card. But the movie has questions about decision-making. This happens once it’s clear what’s going on. The first incident is reported as an accident. Soap2day movies features an excellent collection of New and old Hollywood films.

Tarot 2024

Genre: 2024Horror


Quality: HD


Date: May 7, 2024

Duration: 1h 32m