The Book of Clarence 2024

Clarence is the brother of the apostle Thomas. They are the same twins. Clarence is not so much a religious man as a man of knowledge. Unfortunately, he is in a tough spot because he distributes illegal drugs and owes a local mafia a lot of money. To escape the mafia, Clarence has the slightly fanciful notion that he will also become an apostle. However, the cunning mobster quickly reveals his plans, which prompts Thomas to mock him. Clarence decides to take on the character of a “new” messiah in an effort to get out of his current circumstance. His plan is to mimic Jesus’ healings and use his disciples’ money to settle his debts. Stream The Book of Clarence 2024 on Soap2day without any membership charges.

The Book of Clarence 2024

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Date: February 9, 2024

Duration: 2h 9m