Wish 2023

Wish story takes us to the realm of Rosas. Rosas was long ago in danger of being destroyed. It has been protected by King Magnifico’s studies of the magical arts and his own efforts. Residents of Rosas express their “wish” in a respectful manner, pledging to never again allow harm to come to the kingdom. They forget later that these ethereal magical spheres hold the secret to their true desires. King Magnifico is able to maintain his magic and power thanks to the combined wishes. By fulfilling their wish, the citizens receive the King’s protection as well as the guarantee that they won’t ever remember the dream they gave up. So far, he has kept his promise. Soap2 day hd is a popular streaming service with a large movie library and an appealing entertainment interface.

Wish 2023

Genre: 2023AdventureAnimationComedy


Quality: HD


Date: December 26, 2023

IMDb: 5.8

Duration: 1h 35m