Back to Black 2024

The core exposition of Back to Black is established really fast. From a working-class Jewish household comes Amy Winehouse. Despite their separation she still loves both of her parents, and she holds a particular place in her heart for her Nan Cynthia a former nightclub singer. The movie’s insistence that family is the only thing that matters in life has a very EastEnders feel to it. Even if this is a cliche it at least indicates that Amy is real and not easily put on airs. Amy is a somewhat popular bar singer when we first meet her and her boyfriend is promoting her to managers. Soap2day movie provides instant access to a vast collection of high-quality TV series and films.

Back to Black 2024

Genre: 2024BiographyDramaLatest MoviesMusic


Quality: HD


Date: May 28, 2024

Duration: 2h 2m