Die Hart 2 Die Harter 2024

The main objective of this sequel is to elevate Kevin Hart to the status of the greatest action star in movie history by filming action scenes that are distinctive, arbitrary and unpredictable. Die Harter is an action comedy film that is a type of “unscripted” movie I don’t hear about this very often but everything has its first. It’s already hard to watch him turn into practically an action figure but the movie’s themes include truthfulness and expressing the desire to transform the action movie genre. Eric Appel is the director of the film which features Paula Pell Ben Schwartz and Nathalie Emmanuel. A lot of improvisation and the hot seat went into making this one as well. Soap2day movie provide a vast library of films and TV series that are easily sorted by genre, year, and other factors.

Die Hart 2 Die Harter 2024

Genre: 2024ActionComedyLatest Movies


Quality: HD


Date: June 4, 2024

Duration: 1h 32m