Constellation Season 1

The intricate and captivating narrative of astronaut Jo Ericsson is told in a way that sets the performance up for success right away. A disastrous experiment involving a new substance leaves Jo stuck on a crippled International Space Station. Jo stays on the International Space Station (ISS) and is tasked with the challenging task of safely returning to Earth while safeguarding her experiment due to space constraints on the evacuation shuttle. But when Jo begins to lose her sense of reality, things take a strange turn. Similar to a moment from Shutter Island, she gets visions of her child getting trapped in a snow and her being unable to save her. Her experience on the ISS is troubling her with flashbacks when she gets back to Earth. Check out the complete season 1 of Constellation in high definition quality on Soap2day Movies.

Genre: 2024Sci-FiThriller


Quality: HD


Duration: 58m