Snack Shack 2024

Living in Nebraska, teenage best friends A.J., Conor Sherry, and Moose are constantly plotting. Choosing to manage the snack bar at the neighbourhood pool, they decide to produce and sell their own beer crumbles. As part of a clever marketing ploy, they charge an additional 75 cents for hot dogs with the F-word written in ketchup on top. Eventually, they start making a respectable profit. As soon as Mika Abdalla, a stunning new lifeguard, shows in, the males start fighting for her attention, endangering their friendship. A.J. and Moose are depicted in this crude comedy using drugs, alcohol, and profanity while brainstorming numerous absurd business ideas. Enjoy the excellent collection of Hollywood movies on soap2day.

Snack Shack 2024

Genre: 2024ComedyLatest Movies


Quality: HD


Date: April 5, 2024

Duration: 1h 52m