Trigger Warning 2024

The action thriller Trigger Warning centres on a commando in the special forces who is looking into her father’s death. After learning of a vicious criminal enterprise she resolves to clean up her village. She once referred to them as friends even if it means fighting against others. The concept of a military hero battling back against a powerful gang is used in this film. It’s one of the most straightforward designs in action films yet it suits the film flawlessly. Even so Jessica Alba excels in the title part and the film is still entertaining. It has the vibe of an ordinary late-night action film that you may enjoy without learning anything new. provides a wide selection of the world’s greatest recent and old films.

Trigger Warning 2024

Genre: 2024ActionLatest MoviesThriller


Quality: HD


Date: June 22, 2024

IMDb: 4.8

Duration: 1h 46m