The Kitchen 2024

In The Kitchen a dystopian London is the setting. It’s okay that even though we live in the future, the world doesn’t feel all that different. Additionally given how the world is changing it seems all too plausible that the wealth gap between rich and poor is wider than it has ever been. With “The Kitchen” people have created a new form of social housing since it no longer exists. In essence people of all ages are camped out in these buildings, and as a result police are called in frequently to evict them. They have no other choice for a place to live, so they decline. We are hardly strangers to this environment because we have squatted for years. I mean a whole portion of Copenhagen in my home country of Denmark was founded in this manner Christiania. Soap2day is almost entirely free of advertisements because it doesn’t send you to any other websites or display pop-ups.

The Kitchen 2024

Genre: 2024AdventureDramaSci-Fi


Quality: HD


Date: January 22, 2024

IMDb: 5.1

Duration: 1h 47m